Become the Ultimate Negotiator and Rise to the Top

When it comes to important business skills, there are few that encompass more areas than negotiation. Professionals in all industries negotiate everything, from their own salaries and job responsibilities, to vendor and partner agreements, to project parameters and million-dollar deals. Successful leaders are able to win—or at least draw—in their negotiations. As a young professional, you can give yourself an advantage by learning to negotiate well. Great negotiation skills will help you rise to the top of your career path. The following tips will help you practice and perfect the art of negotiation. The Power of the Handshake A simple handshake can have a powerful effect on negotiations. As a […]



What Type of Leader Do You Want to Be?

In her Harvard Business Review article, leadership advisor and business psychologist, Rebecca Newton, explains her theory on leadership and the two most important central components: leadership intent and leadership impact. The former being the type of leader we hope to be and the latter the legacy we want to leave. Often, Newton says, we facilitate and encourage self-awareness among up-and-coming leaders, get them to map their journeys so far, share knowledge and ideas and help them acquire new skills and adopt new behaviors. But, she says, we don’t focus strongly enough on the most central components of successful leadership. She combines and refers to the intent and impact components as […]



How Visible Are You in the Workplace?

I attended an NAAAP (National Association of Asian American Professionals) ‘webinar’ entitled: “Idea Storytelling: #1 Most Powerful Way to Get Promoted”, and it brought up a lot of topics that, I think, are very relevant for young Asian professionals. I’ll do my best to recap the most pertinent points in this post. As we all know, the perceived notion is that young Asian professionals may suppress leadership qualities due to their cultural upbringing. Asian traditional values and cultural expectations include traits such as humility, deference to authority, diligence, and sacrifice. And while these characteristics help to build success, they run counter to the demands and expectations of leadership. Leaders, in […]



Leadership advice from great Asian leaders

At Naisa we believe in the power of the mentor-protégé dynamic. In fact, we have a full program dedicated to it. Some of the most talented people in their field admit that good advice, at the right time, has been one of the most important secrets to their success. Here we bring you a selection of advice from top Asian leaders, that they found most helpful at crucial early moments in their careers.



Perceived Barriers to the Top for Asian Americans

The term “model minority” is often used to describe Asian-Americans. That’s because they are popularly perceived to have strong study and work habits, behave with discipline, and willingly adopt American culture. But that stereotype, favorable as it may seem, is not helpful when it comes to being viewed as leaders.



Potential Leaders: Talent, Experience, and an Emotional Intelligence

Young professionals with the right talent and experience are more likely to deliver results and that’s why the best companies are always looking for the highest-caliber employees with the potential to become future leaders. Talent is key: no amount of experience will turn an average leader into a great one;



The Bamboo Ceiling – Two Sides to Breaking Through

The Bamboo Ceiling – Two Sides to Breaking Through A 2011 study by the Center for Talent Innovation states that, Asian Americans are far more likely to have a college degree than the average person. While they make up only 5% of the population, they constitute 18% of the student body at Harvard and 24% at Stanford. They have little trouble getting hired, but the picture changes as they move toward senior management.



Asian wave: The rise of Asian global brands

Recently, U.S. economists and businesses have been paying attention to the so-called “Korean Wave.” This charge led by Korean electronics company Samsung highlights a worldwide shift in markets that may be crucial to the global economy. According to the latest Brand Finance Global 500, Samsung is the second most valuable brand in the world,



Communication in a Diverse Workplace

As communication technologies continue to rapidly improve, and the world becomes a smaller, more connected place, business leaders need to adjust their practices in order to get the best out of their personnel. These employees may come from nations all around the world, and it is important for senior figures to ensure their contributions aren’t buried under language and cultural differences.



A Time For Leaders

You’ve heard the generalizations about business in Asia: the economic growth is rapid; countries vary significantly across the continent; it’s the new global market giant. But the challenges faced by many companies in Asia are strikingly similar to those in the West and other parts of the world.


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