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At naisA Global, our goal is to inspire and empower young Asian professionals so they may become great leaders. We provide an educational platform to emerging Asian professionals from around the world, so they can learn, grow and develop in their careers. We provide the same platform to established leaders, where they can share their professional expertise while making a meaningful difference in someone’s life.

We offer several premier educational programs and services, each designed to provide:

naisA Flash Advice: nFA

naisA Flash Advice (nFA) is our flagship mentor-protégé program. It is a global online platform providing naisA Global protégés virtual access to career and leadership advice from industry experts/mentors across the globe. All mentors are screened, evaluated, and verified.

Our professional mentoring service exists for the purposes of career coaching, networking, gathering industry information, and any other areas where our protégés can gain leadership insight. nFA provides flash mentoring in that the engagement is initiated quickly, limited to twenty minutes in duration, and targeted to specific needs.

naisA Talks: Leadership Speaker Series
naisA Global will offer an ongoing series of short talks and interviews with prominent global leaders in business, government, journalism, and academia, focused on the topic of young professional development. This video series launches in our 3rd quarter of 2015, and will be available to members on the naisA Global website.

naisA Global Fellowship Scholar Program 
Beginning in 2016, naisA Global will award a number of scholarships to members chosen based on our competitive criteria. Scholarship winners will take part in a 14-week internship held in Washington, D.C., which includes intensive English training sessions, innovative workshops for intercultural communication, and participation in mentoring and leadership seminars. Travel, accommodation, and per diem funds will be provided with the scholarships.

The naisA Global Effective Communications Assessment 

Each of our programs and services are aimed to create a positive impact on the personal and professional lives of emerging Asian leaders.


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